St.Alphonsa Feast 2017

st.alphonsa feast 2017
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 Family Poster 2017
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Easter 2017

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Send off to Fr: Joby and Welcome to Fr: Francis

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Krupabhishekam Convention 2016

Syro Malabar Australia second anniversary and Krupabhishekam Convention 2016

Syro Malabar Epharchy in Australia is celebrating the second anniversary this year. Let us take this opportunity to thank God for the blessings we received. Let us pray to God for continuously showering us with more blessings. Let our prayers lead us to achieve spiritual renewal.For this occasion, Fr. Dominic Valanmanal, Director of Marian Retreat Centre, Anakkara, has kindly agreed to conduct Krupabhishekam convention for us.The convention venue is St. Gregory’s College Campbeltown, 100 Badgally Road, Gregory Hills, NSW 2557. The convention is scheduled from 2:00 pm to 9:30 pm on September 24th, 25th and 26th(Saturday to Monday).Please listen to Bishop Bosco’s invitation for the convention by clicking HERE.

Please pray the prayer published in this page for the success of this convention. This prayer will also be carried out by the priest after every mass until the convention.Please fill in the registration details and express your interest to attend by clicking on the linkOnline Registration for Krupabhishekam 2016. Online registration is possible from mobile phone also. It is necessary to register your participation in advance for the purpose of seating, catering, accommodation and travel arrangements.Please attend Krupabhishekam convention 2016 and receive blessings and spiritual renewal. Your feedback to the Krupabhishekam committee through   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is greatly appreciated.


First Holy Communion  -  18th September - 2016.

Names of Children receiving First Holy communion
1. Ann Mary Prince
2. Athen Wilson
3.Basil Jain Joseph
4.Ben Sabu
5. Elna Sojan
6.Fabio Ronnal Benedict
7. Michelle Ann Bellamin
8. Michelle Saju Thomas
9. Nicholas Noby Joseph
Children Receiving Confirmation
1. Ann Mary Prince
2.Elna Sojan
3.Fabio Ronnal Benedict
4.Michelle Ann Bellamin
5. Nicholas Noby Joseph ( Need to confirm)

Easter 2016

Here are some photos from the event.

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Easter Gallery 02
Easter Gallery 03
Easter Gallery 04