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About Rexband:

Rexband is the musical wing of Jesus Youth, a missionary movement at the service of the church. The band has been spreading the good news through music for over 25 years and have performed on more than 500 stages in 22 countries worldwide. Rexband is the invitee band for World Youth Day and from 2002 Cologne WYD, they have attended and performed at all the WYD venues. During the 2008 Sydney WYD concerts were held at Opera House forecourt, Royal Hall of Industries and at the main stage at Randwick. In 2012 Rexband returned to Sydney to packed audience as part of tour organised by Jesus Youth. 

 Besides their 3-hour stage shows, the band also considers its retreats for musicians, music skill development programmes for budding talents and life encounter programmes as vital elements of its call. Rexband strongly believes that music becomes relevant only when its quality and message brings about a genuine change of heart. The typical 3-hour Rexband show is an extravaganza integrating music, choreography and contemporary theatre performances by Living Vision, a premier Christian theatre initiative. It works in tandem with the band to present the message of Jesus in a powerful and attractive way.

 Rexband is coming back to Australia in Nov 2017 with live performances by Music director - Alphons Joseph, Flying fingers on piano - Stephen Devassy and many other blessed performers. Their fan base has grown immensely over the years as more young people have grown in faith and Contemporary Christian music has played a key role. Rexbands vibrant music is enjoyed by all age groups and this is a show that should not be missed. 

 The 2017 Rexband tour is organized by The Syro Malabar Eparchy of St Thomas. The band will perform in 7 cities around Australia.

 Rexband Sydney Concert is on 17th November from 6pm at The Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre. Tickets are available at Ticketbooth.com.au 

 For more information about Ticketing and Sponsorships contact 0432-050-821 or email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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